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Graphic Art - Colour etchings

Helga Berscheid

Helga Berscheid exhibits colour etchings which seem surrealistic. In her dream worlds which are rich of mythological creatures she tries to build a bridge to a hidden world of inner peace and harmony.

Helga Berscheid: Poupée avec pigeon Helga Berscheid: Oiseaux d'escargot Helga Berscheid: Sécurité Helga Berscheid: Poisson dans la coquille Helga Berscheid: Chouette avec arachnides

Graphic Art - Woodcuts

Woodcuts around 1890 - Views of ancient cities

People and views of the most important cultural centers of the late 19th century are presented in the exhibition room of 'Woodcuts around 1890'. The bustling activities on the streets of Cairo, Yokohama and Copenhagen are shown as well as the people of this period ('Japanese writer', 'Maid in Amsterdam', 'The great bridge in Tokyo', 'Lunchroom in Chicago').

Inconnu: Ecrivain japonais E. Limmer: Café nord-américain C. Wuttke: Levée de la lune sur les bords de Ischia Rouargue: La Vielle-Porte a Rotterdam M. Hebert: Porte principale de la cathédrale de Salamanca

Woodcuts around 1890 - Wine motives

In the exhibition hall 'Wine motives' you will find all around the manufacturing of wine and champagne at the turn of the century as well as the consumption of them. In vino veritas!

Eduard Grützner: Santé! L. Burger: In vino veritas Unknown artist: Homme assis dans un bar Otto Andres: L'oraison funèbre Unknown artist: Romplir et boucher les bouteilles de champagne

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