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Zoom function

With the zoom function you have many and diverse opportunities to discover exciting details within the artwork. Especially for Graphic Art and large format photography you can go down to the smallest detail. Further examples will show you the extraordinary possibilities to judge the quality of the exhibited artwork with this novel technique in detail.

Zoom menu bar   

The zoom menu bar is made up of six different buttons their function is explained in the following.


The function 'zooming' is activated as default. Herewith you can enlarge details on the picture by either mouse click with the cross hairs or marking the part of the picture you want to investigate in detail.


With the function 'shrinking' you can reduce the whole picture to the next step by mouse click with the cross hairs on the picture.


With the function 'moving' you can walk through the picture on each step of enlargement by using the hand symbol.

Whole picture   

You can bring back the picture to the original size by using the button "whole picture".


The hotspot function is desactivated at the moment.


By running the information button you will reach this info page.

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