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Alternative ways to navigate

Intuitive navigation within the exhibition

In all three-dimensional gallery's premises you will find sensitive areas (hot spots), wich will trigger specific actions after beeing activated via mouse-click. The following sceme shows how the the sensitive areas are covered. Please take account of the hotspots 6, 7 and 8 which allow you to rotate within the room.

Hotspots 1 to 3 - Depends on the situation: One step forwards, zooming an object (e.g. picture), stride through a door or switching to another web page or an external link
Hotspots 4 and 5 - Side step to the left (4) or the right (5) in front of a wall, a quarter-turn to the left (4) or the right (5) in a room corner or the stride through a door if there would be one after a quarter-turn
Hotspots 6 and 7 - Quarter-turn to the left (6) or the right (7)
Hotspot 8 - U turn

Specific choice of subjects via quick jump bar

Below the gallery's premises you find for each gallery different quick jump bars which allow you a direct jump to the shown topics within that gallery. After the view has build up you can find even more artwork by rotating within the room.

| Entrance Hall | Shop | Heinz Felbermair | Detlef G. Heimes | Michael Radowitz | Eva Barz

Orientation with the aid of the outline map

The outline map facilitates the easy orientation and the direct jump in between the exhibition rooms. The actual line of sight is symbolized by an arrow of vision the observer would have if he is standing in the middle of the room (in this example the line of sight is to the North). You can easily jump into one of the rooms shown on the map by mouse-click. Then you will keep your previous orientation.

Navigation buttons

If you prefer a navigation through the i-net-gallery by using buttons you can use the navigation bar you find below the outline map. The upper bar allows you to move to the four points of the compass by obtaining your previous orientation. With the lower bar you can turn in different directions within a room.

side step to the leftstep forwardsstep backwardsside step to the right
quarter-turn to the leftU turnquarter-turn to the right

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